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Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.2.4.0 Crack


Software Description: Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.2.4.0 Crack Patch

Font Fitting Room is a preview and management program for bothinstalled and yet to be installed fonts, with multilingual nameproperty support and full character map.

Font Fitting Room Deluxe handles the most popular font types usedon PC today, helps you to add them to and remove from your system.These font types include True Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc), Open Typefont(*.ttf, *.ttc,*.otf),PostScript Type 1 font(*.pfm,*.pfb), andMicrosoft Windows font(*.fnt, *.fon).

Here are some key features of “Font Fitting RoomDeluxe”:
– Preview: You can preview the custom sample text with a font listwithout actually installing them.
– You will see the installed fonts every time when applicationstarts. To display any font that hasn’t been installed, go to the”Any Font Folder” bar and select it from the folder browser.
– The application always list the font name together with itsassociated file(s) in the left bar, while sample text is displayedin the right pane.
– You can play with following preview features: Sample Text, FontSize, Bold Style, Italic Style, Underline Style, Foreground Color,Background Color.
– Character Map: You can turn on the Character Map to see the wholesupported characters in the selected font.
– You don’t need to install the font in order to display itscharacter map.
– You can click on a character grid to see the magnified char. Tooltip is available for each character when you move mouse around thecharacters.
– Property: You can get more information about a font by see intoits properties.
– For True Type font, you can see multilingual strings associatedwith the font. These strings represent copyright notices, fontnames, family names, style names, and so on. You can select alocale to see how the properties got defined under it.
– For FON, FNT and PostScript Type 1 font, you will see basicinformation of the font. These information include copyrightnotices, font type, font style, first char, last char and soon.
– Install and Uninstall: You can easily installed a font fromanywhere accessible to system, or uninstall a system font and putit into Recyle Bin.
– All the font types listed above can be easily installed to systemor removed to Recycle Bin.
– ClearType Tuning: If you are using a LCD monitor, probably youneed this ClearType adjusting facility.
– You can activate this function to switch the system smoothingmode, set ClearType contrast value, or change LCD striping ordersetting. You would see the setting change effects immediately onthe screen.
– Unicode based.
– Set Manager:The Set Manager helps you mark a group of fonts to betreated as a collection set that could be activated or deactivatedsimultaneously. You can also select a font set for preview withoutactivating it at all.
– Drag-and-drop is supported. You can add fonts from within theprogram or drag font files from windows explorer and drop in theapplication.
– Each font set has a “default font path”, that is set to thefolder of fonts which are added in when the set is empty. The setpath can be altered as font files moved around to another place inthe disk, so as to avoid adding them again and again once the filelocation becomes inaccessible.
– Multi-level set structure is presented for the organization. Thisfeature enable you to create sub-sets under a parent set,decreasing duplicate fonts including operations, and managing fontsin a hierarchical way. However you are not required to build suchnested sets if the plain flat sets structure is more suitable foryou.

Installer Size: 3.0 MB

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