Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Focus Magic v4.02 Crack


Software Description: Focus Magic v4.02 Full Crack

Focus Magic uses advanced forensic strengthdeconvolution technology to literally “undo” blur and recover lostdetail.  It can repair both out-of-focus blur and motion blur(camera shake) in an image.  Can you read the license platenumber in the “Before” image (below) ?  Can you even vaguelymake out one letter ?  Imagine how you could use thistechnology on your photos.

This image is out of focus. Click to view original image.
This old photo has motion blur (or camera shake). Click to view theoriginal.
“Your software is simply amazing!  I use Photoshop daily in myphotography and photo restoration business.  I was intriguedby your demo and then I was convinced after just one use!  Animportant photo that I thought was lost is now ready forpublication.   No tools or filters in Photoshop couldbring it back, but your software did.  Thank you for thisamazing tool that I am thrilled to have in my bag of tricks.” ElynZerfas
Focus Magic, which is used by many forensic scientists, is the onlyphoto sharpening software that can recover detail, as shown in theexamples above.  You can use this powerful tool to sharpenyour blurred photos right now.  Unlike other sharpeningsoftware, Focus Magic increases the “actual sharpness” (withdeconvolution) rather than the “perceived sharpness” (with unsharpmask or equivalent).

Installer Size: 3.37 MB

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