Sat. Sep 24th, 2022
Face On Body Pro v2.40 Crack


Software Description: Face On Body Pro v2.40 Crack

Some things will always be funny. Like dancing animals,splitting pants, toilet humor – and, of course, your boss’s head ona chick’s body. Thus the birth of FaceOnBody.
FaceOnBody is the only software in the universe designedspecifically to put any face on any body. With any Windows-basedsystem, you can transport the faces of your friends, classmates andco-workers to the most glamorous, sexy, seedy, hilarious places youcan imagine. All you need is your digital photos and a littleimagination. FaceOnBody does the rest.
FaceOnBody lets you take your digital photographs to a whole newlevel. FaceOnBody is the absolute easiest way to transform allthose digital photos of friends and family into truly hilariousimages you can share.

FaceOnBody’s hysterical Image Library is anintegrated Web browsing and download tool that lets you choose thefunniest bodies and scenes from around the World. Make the perfectparody image. Movies, TV, Celebrities, Comics and much, much more.Put yourself in Britney’s embrace or your boss in the cast of OneTree Hill (or any number of lame WB teen dramas). Your Real Worldaudition tape was returned unopened? No problem. Cast yourself intoany show you’d like!
Standard tools include face resizing, rotation and mirroring,allowing for perfect face positioning. Plus, advanced paint toolsallow you to touch-up by painting more of the face or more of thescene. In addition, for Web images, the specialized BackgroundPainter actually allows painting from behind the heads in theoriginal scene, effectively erasing them from existence.
With the click of a button, proprietary AutoFlesh technology willautomatically alter the colors, hues, shading and brightness of theface you have chosen to match the picture below as closely aspossible. You can then manually adjust and fine-tune the settingsto create a seamless life-like FaceOnBody image.
When the masterpiece is complete, you can save it to your harddrive, or use the built-in FOB Spreader to email to several friendssimultaneously.
So purchase FaceOnBody now and start mocking your friends orclassmates, getting revenge on a co-worker or boss, orimmortalizing yourself on a movie poster. Put your face on the bodyof Fabio, kissing Pamala Anderson, or just chilling with MichaelJackson Jordan! It’s the most fun you can have with your digitalphoto collection!

Installer Size: 1.07 MB

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