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DS CADAM Drafting V5-6R2018 SP1 x86 Crack


Software Description: DS CADAM Drafting V5-6R2017 SP3 x86 Crack Patch

CADAM has remained the productivity leader inindustrial 2D design and drafting for over 30 years. Tens ofthousands of CADAM users and millions of CADAM drawings currentlysupport the development of products ranging from automobiles andairplanes to biomedical devices and consumer goods.

CADAM Drafting for V5 brings the proven productivity of CADAMDrafting to the CATIA V5 product portfolio. It is designed to workin concert with CATIA V5 3D and CATIA V5 Interactive Drafting toprovide today’s drafters with a protected path to the powerfulcapabilities of CATIA V5.

Windows 10 Support
CADAM Drafting now supports Windows 10.

Select and Drag
Elements can now be selected and manipulated at any time by usingthe Select option in the right mouse button context menu. Simplyplace the cursor over the element to be manipulated, right click onit to bring up the context menu and then click Select. Grip pointswill appear on the element. Selecting and dragging these grippoints will modify the element. Selecting another element orindicating will drop the element in its new orientation. Selectingan element that is part of a temporary group will allow the entiregroup to be manipulated. See the Advanced Mouse Button section ofthe Getting Started with CCD V5 guide for more information on thisfunction.

Select, Copy and Drag
Elements can now be selected and copied and the copy manipulated atany time by using the Select Copy option in the right mouse buttoncontext menu. Simply place the cursor over the element to becopied, right click on it to bring up the context menu and thenclick Select Copy . A copy of the element will appear offset fromthe original and grip points will appear on the element. Selectingand dragging these grip points will modify the copied element.Selecting another element or indicating will drop the element inits new orientation. Selecting an element in a temporary group willcause the group to be copied and a grip point placed on the copy.See the Advanced Mouse Button section of the Getting Started withCCD V5 guide for more information on this function.

Export to PDF
CADAM Drafting drawings can now be exported directly to PDF. Thefunction is available under File -> Export… Color mapping canbe controlled during the export process by placing a file namedcolor_map_pdf in the Plot folder. Each entry in this file consistsof four numbers. The first is the CADAM color index (0-120) and thenext three are the red, green and blue values to map that index to.These components are expressed as a value between 0 and 100.

PDF Batch Conversion (added in SP1)
A new batch program, cadampdfbatch, has been added to the CADAMDrafting installation. This program allows a CADAM drawing to beconverted to PDF from the command line or from a script. See theGetting Started V5 guide (Using the File Menu and Tool Bar) formore information on using this program.

PDF Multi-Batch Conversion (added in SP2)
A new batch program, cadampdf, has been added to the CADAM Draftinginstallation. This program allows users to select multiple drawingsto be converted to PDF without running CADAM Drafting.

DSLS Adapter ID Displayed
Beginning in SP3, the DSLS adapter ID is displayed under About thismachine… and in the license error panel, if a license is notfound. This is the ID that should be provided to the key centerwhen contacting them to obtain a license for CADAM Drafting.

DSLS Expiration Date Displayed (added in SP2)
The license expiration date is now displayed under About thismachine…

Upgrade to DSLS 2017x
This version of CADAM Drafting requires the 2017x version of DSLSServer when concurrent licenses are being used.

New From… (added in SP1)
A new menu item, New From…, has been added under File. This menuitem allows a new drawing to be started using an existing drawingas a template. The folder that is opened when this function is usedcan be defined in CADPROF – Drawing Management.

Highlight Nearest Grid Point (added in SP1)
An option under Device Settings is available to dynamicallyhighlight the grid point that is closest to the cursor as thecursor is moved around the drawing.

Show Cursor Location (added in SP1)
An option under Device Settings is available to show thecoordinates of the cursor as the cursor is moved around thedrawing.

Reverse Wheel Direction (added in SP1)
An option under Device Settings has been added to define how movingthe mouse wheel zooms the drawing. The default behavior is thatmoving the mouse wheel toward the user zooms in. Checking thisoption reverses this behavior.

ESC for /RETURN/ (added in SP1)
In most instances, the user can now use the ESC key in place ofselecting /RETURN/.

String Search Utility (added in SP2)
A new program, StringSearch, has been added to the CADAM Draftinginstallation. This program allows the user to search throughdrawings in a folder to find those drawings that contain aspecified text string.

Property Window Location Remembered (added inSP2)
Most element property windows now remember their location and willcome up in the previous location.

Reset Layout (added in SP2)
The window and toolbar layout can be reset to the initial factorysetting by selecting View -> Toolbars -> Reset Layout.

GRID Button (added in SP3)
A new button, GRID, has been added to the system command bar. If agrid has been defined, selecting this button allows the grid to bequickly turned on and off.

Mirror Across Multiline (added in SP3)
Multilines can now be selected as lines to mirror or reflectacross.

Installer Size: 155 MB

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