Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
ContrastMaster v1.06 for Photoshop Crack


Software Description: ContrastMaster v1.06 for Photoshop Cracked

ContrastMaster offers three local and fourglobal contrast adjustment methods as well as various masking,saturation and brightness options. The three local adjustmentmethods allow you to dramatically improve contrast in small imagedetails without blowing out highlights or damaging the image. Youcan apply these three methods separately or use various options tomix them together for even better results.
The four global methods (S/H-Contrast, Stretch, Equalize andPolarize) work on the tonal range of the image and help to improvethe result even further. There is also an option for changing thebrightness of the image.
The masking options let you conveniently remove the ContrastMastereffect from an image area where you do not want to have it applied,e.g. skin areas, a blue sky or a wall. This can be done with thehelp of shadow/highlight and color masking options. Additionally, asaturation mask feature lets you improve saturation withoutoversaturating the image.

Here are some key features of”ContrastMaster”:
– Performs effective contrast enhancement and creates dramaticcontrast looks, photorealistic paintings and HDR-like effects
– Turns low-contrast photos into vivid and detailed images andtransform ordinary photos into interesting and dynamic shots
– Three local and four global contrast adjustment methods as wellas various masking, saturation and brightness options
– Six modes from the simple Novice Mode to the sophisticated ExpertMode
– Supports hyperthreading, multiple processors and cores
– Allows batch processing of image files
– Processes 8bit and 16bit RGB images

Installer Size: 2.33 MB

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