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Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition + WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition Update 1 v10.00.00.50 Crack


Software Description: Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition + WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition Update 1 v10.00.00.50 Full Crack

WaterCAD & WaterGEMS is acomprehensive and easy to use water distribution modeling solutionfeaturing interoperability across stand-alone, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, andMicroStation environments. From fire flow and water qualitysimulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, to advancedGenetic Algorithm optimization, WaterGEMS comes equipped witheverything you need in a flexible multi-platform environment.

CONNECT Edition provides a unified, commonenvironment that advances productivity, team collaboration, andproject performance. Key new capabilities of the CONNECT Editionreleases allow users to:

– Access tools quickly through a modernized ribbon-based userinterface with built-in search to find commands more easily,consistent with MicroStation CONNECT Edition and Microsoft productsthat many users are already familiar with.
– Create and manage customized reports that automatically combinegraphs, data tables, color-coded and annotated plan views, and moreinto a single report.
– Run historical simulations using actual operation of pump andvalve controls based on SCADA system records.
– Additional capability in SCADAConnect Simulator.
– Model turbines for energy and revenue generation.
– Include service laterals, for automatic customer load assignmentduring hydraulic analysis.
– Collaborate on water system design and operation as a team usingBentley CONNECT Cloud Services.
– Create AVI movies of model animations to share with others.

WaterGEMS includes state-of-the-art genetic algorithmoptimization and model building modules:

Model calibration – DarwinCalibrator evaluates millions of possible solutionsto let users quickly find a calibration hypothesis that bestmatches measured flows, pressures, and on/off status. DarwinCalibrator also enables engineers to leverage flow and pressuredata to find locations for detailed sonic leak detection.

Optimized design – DarwinDesigner evaluates thousands of alternatives thatmeet users’ hydraulic requirements, recommending those thatminimize capital investment.

Pump scheduling – Darwin Schedulerenables the optimization of pump operations to meet hydraulicconstraints for pressure, velocity, number of pump starts, and tanklevels.

Pipe assessment – Pipe RenewalPlanner helps modelers optimize the replacement andrehabilitation of water mains by ranking the worst-performingpipes.

SCADA integration – SCADAConnectlets users automatically acquire supervisory control and dataacquisition (SCADA) data in their WaterGEMS model.

Network simplification – Skelebratorautomates network simplification while maintaining connectivity andhydraulic equivalence, reallocating assigned demands to yourspecification.

Installer Size: ~
690 MB

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