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ARES Commander 2015 v15.3.1.3059 SP2 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: ARES Commander 2015 v15.3.1.3059 SP2 x86/x64 Crack Serial

Experience the flexibility of ARES CommanderEdition, the powerful CAD software for day-to-day work as well ascomplex projects. Leverage the productive tools and intelligentfeatures for drafting and design that you have come to expect fromtop CAD products, at a significant cost savings. Create 3D objectsusing the ACIS® 3D Solid Modeler which is tightly integrated withinthe software. ARES Commander is DWG-compatible and is easy to usewithin your existing CAD environments.

Supports the latest industry technology
DWG compatible
Available for Windows® 7 and 8, Mac® OS X, and several Linuxdistributions
64-Bit version for Windows, with a 64-Bit version for Mac and Linuxcoming soon
DWG and DXF read and write support through version 2012, readsupport through version 201
3D Solids Modeler based on industry standard, ACIS

Fully customizable API
Create your own functions, routines, and plugins
Support for LISP, C/C, CFX/DRX, Visual Studio for Applications(VSTA), .net (C#,VB.Net) , Delphi, COM, Active X, and DCLprogramming interfaces
Add active content from other application using OLE objects indrawings
Easily define and manage menus and toolbars in XML resources

Flexible user interface
Dockable toolbars, right-click shortcut menus, tool matrix, andproperties palette can all be customized
Store individual UI configurations in user profiles and create pagelayouts to reuse print settingsUse alias shortcuts for frequentlyused commands

Time saving tools
Enter and format text directly in the drawing with the In-PlaceText Editor
Record a series of commands in action macros and replay them toautomate repetitive tasks
Dimensions as well as hatches and gradient color fills are relatedto their associated entities and update automatically
Create flat representations of 3D solid objects
Select the geometry inside a viewport to align them on layoutsheets
Underlay .pdf and Microstation® .dgn files, manage underlay layersand clip them
Use fields to change multiple instances of annotation in oneoperation and automatically update title blocks

Ideal for workgroups and corporateenvironments
Record and play VoiceNotes® to add messages, reminders, orinstructions directly in your drawing or mark up drawings with freehand sketches
Create rectangular, elliptical, and freehand revision clouds toaccentuate drawing areas and to indicate that certain areas requireor contain revisions
Attach drawings and images as references

Installer Size: 249.80 + 233.88 MB

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