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AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Professional + Platinum v5.57 Crack


Software Description: AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Professional + Platinum v5.57 Keygen Crack

AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker is an applicationwith a pretty self-explanatory name – it allows you to createalbums and slideshows in Flash, so you can publish them on yourwebsites.

The tool is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface. Thanks tothe Explorer-based layout, you can easily locate and importpictures into the album.

So, you can add transitions (e.g. random, wipe, vertical windowblind) and insert dynamic text (e.g. set color, angle, distance,blur level).

Furthermore, you can rotate, flip and crop images, insert art clipand art effects (e.g. contour, wave, depth dim), as well as edittheir properties (e.g. image title and link, transition effect andduration).

Additionally, you can apply a theme (e.g. Merry Christmas, Easter,Vacation, Travel) and configure Flash options (e.g. album title,size, frame rate, auto replay, show control buttons).

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can create the outputfile (Flash file only, gift/presentation CD/DVD, Flash files andupload them to Go2Album) and change options when it comes to theoutput folder and Flash embed method, along with the Flash and HTMLfile name.

The program requires a moderate-to-high amount of system resourcesto complete a job in reasonable time. It is very responsive andincludes a help file. We have not come across any problems duringour tests; AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Professional did not freeze,crash or pop up errors. On the downside, you cannot set the tool toturn off the computer or to open the output directory when the taskis done.

Here are some key features of “Photo SlideshowMaker”:
Fully Customizable:
– With lots of parameters to adjust for each theme, Flash slideshowMaker is fully customizable. Flash size, text color, transitioneffects can be changed to meet your web design. HTML description isalso supported.

Cool Style Flash Theme:
– AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker integrates more than fifty professionalphoto gallery templates for all users, so you can make a stunningFlash in minutes with a few clicks.

Stunning Banner Builder:
– AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker can build stunning banner (View Sample)with clicks. Lots of transition effects and styles to choose fromto make your website alive.

Embedded Mode or XML driven mode:
– AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker support embedding the photo andbackground music to create a single FLASH file. It also cangenerate XML-driven slideshow. This XML driven mode is ideal forwebsite.

HTML description supported:
– AnvSoft Photo to Flash Maker supports HTML description, so youcan almost use any format for the photo descriptions.

Installer Size: 40.4 + 44.9 MB

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