Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Amapi Pro v7.5.2 Crack


Software Description: Amapi Pro v7.5.2 Keygen Serial

Amapi provides product designers and 3Dmodelers a NURBS-based environment for conception and creation ofhighly refined 3D models. Amapi Pro is flexible and fast, andoffers all the advanced design tools to accurately construct, modeland assemble complex 3D models.
Amapi Pro offers a unique environment for the conception andcreation of high-end 3D models for use by product designers,architects and advanced 3D modelers.
Modeling using NURBS: Amapi Pro’s NURBS (Non-Uniform RationalB-Splines) modeling allows designers to create and edit complexsurfaces and volumes in a unique user interface widely recognizedin the industry.
Explore design alternatives: The Dynamic Geometry palette allowsyou to navigate inside complex objects made up of several levels,or earlier design stages can be revisited for designalternatives.

Full CAD compatibility: Amapi Pro handles IGES, SAT, STEP,openNURBS, VDAFS, STL and DWG file formats which communicateseamlessly with 2D and 3D CAD systems for integration into themanufacturing process. Amapi Pro provides the link between thedesigner’s initial idea and the reality of the final project.
Perfect prototypes the first time around: Amapi generateswatertight STL files, so you can quickly create plastic models ofyour design for rapid prototyping, facilitating the toolingprocess. Once your design is complete, you can build yourprototype
Convert polygons into NURBS: Powerful feature allows the conversionof polygonal models into NURBS models. A major benefit in reverseengineering projects where 3D scans are created and saved aspolygonal models.

Installer Size: 294.77 MB

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