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Altair HyperWorks SimLab v2017.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Altair Simlab v14.3 x64 + Crack

SimLab is a process oriented, feature basedfinite element modeling software that allows you to quickly andaccurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies.SimLab automates simulation-modeling tasks to reduce human errorsand time spent manually creating finite element models andinterpreting results. SimLab is not a traditional off-the-shelfpre- and post-processing software but a vertical applicationdevelopment platform that captures and automates simulationprocesses.

– Feature based finite-element modeling
– High quality mesh rapidly
– Knowledge capture and sharing via templates

SimLab Benefits:
Highly efficient, feature based, modeling approach
– Improves modeling repeatability and quality
– Directly identifies geometry features inside of the CADenvironment such as fillets, gaskets or cylinders.

Automates modeling tasks for complex assemblies
– Meshing
– Assembly of parts and components
– Mesh generation for mating surfaces of an assembly
– Part connections

Eliminates tedious CAD geometry clean-up and removes geometrytranslation errors

Accelerates CAE model development for complex assemblies
– Employs an advanced template based meshing process
– Removes manual mesh clean-up
– Simplifies load and boundary condition definition andgeneration

Simplified model and assembly modifications
– Part replacement
– Add or modify ribs within solid models
– Change fillet/cylinder/hole properties
– Local model morphing

SimLab 14.0 significantly improves the user experience to solvecomplex engineering problems. This was achieved by transitioning toAltair’s next generation product platform ‘Unity’.

Functions have been organized into ribbons and are represented byself-explanatory icons. Where applicable there is a second levelribbon for further differentiation of the task. Frequently usedoptions are available via right mouse button and many of the userdialogues have been redesigned.

Some of the highlights of the 14.0 releaseare:
– Same interface for Linux and Windows: SimLab has been redesignedin a way that equal functionality is available on both plattforms.Earlier Linux versions only offered 60% of the windowsversions.
– Commands and functions are grouped logically and according to theCAE process.
– Primary and secondary ribbons for functions give easyaccessibility .
– Frequently used commands are available on right click as contextbased menu items.
– Custom tool bar provides flexibility to create user definedworkflows.
– Simplified workflow for topology and free shape designoptimization.
– Optimization setup can be saved and reused by saving it astemplate file
– Various improvements for better support of solver interfaces.

Installer Size: 1939 MB

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