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ACDSee Photo Editor v10.0 Build 46 x64 Crack


Software Description: ACDSee Photo Editor v10.0 Build 46 x64 Crack Serial

Want to start being creative with your digital photos, but don’tknow where to begin?
Maybe you think being creative with your photos is too difficult.Maybe you think digital creativity is reserved for the photoprofessionals of the world.
We understand your reservations. And that’s why we’ve designedACDSee Photo Editor. For family photo lovers like you � people whowant to turn their everyday shots into something extra special.

Be creative with your photos and learn how to get the bestresults in the shortest number of steps. Get the tools and clearinstruction you need to turn your digital pictures into somethingtruly memorable – photos that will last a lifetime.
Create stylized photos for use in cards, albums, and calendars ofyour kids, friends, extended family, vacations, and memorablemoments for everyone to share.
Photo Editor actually teaches you how to make the creative changesyou want, like adding Lens Flare, Glowing Edges, Oil Paint, and aton of other cool effects that are a cinch to apply. It also givesyou creative project ideas, and shows you the steps and tools youneed to turn them into a reality.
Photo Editor is a useful program that teaches you how to fix commonphoto problems, like poor exposure, red-eye, awkward framing,fuzziness, skin blemishes, lens flares, etc.
Acdsee Photo Editor gives you all the support and resources to fixand create with your photos from the moment you first use thesoftware.
And, with guided walk-throughs (called How-tos) built right intothe application, each and every step to creating perfect photos ismade easy and enjoyable for you.

Here are some key features of “Acdsee Photo Editor”:
– How-tos: Guided walk-throughs that teach you how to be creativewith your photos. They show you how to do different creative taskswith your photos, step by step, from start to finish.
– Adjustment/Filter Variations: Displays up to 8 different previewsof your original photo, right on screen, each preview showing adifferent variation of the effect, adjustment, or filter you’reapplying.
– Batch editing: Any Adjustments/Filters you want to use can beapplied to more than one photo at a time with just a couple ofclicks.
– Image Basket: Displays thumbnails of any photos you’re workingon, so you can see the work you’ve already done.
– Vignette tool: Creates stunning portrait-style photos that can gointo your family album, or be used to make gift cards or pages in afamily-tree project.
– Cookie Cutter tool: Quickly crop a composition into fun shapeslike letters and numbers, then use them as titles, dates, or funcaptions on your photos.
– Auto-Adjustments: One-click Auto Color Balance, Auto Levels, AutoSharpen, or Auto Contrast.
– Repair tool: Easily remove blemishes, spots, or scratches from aphoto and get the results you’re looking for almost instantly.
– Text Support: Add clever, descriptive, or funny text to youralbums. Add both vertical and horizontal text in the size andfont-style of your choosing.
– Properties Bar: Shows you all the options available for the toolyou’re using, so you can tweak and customize the effect to get thecreative results you want.
– Gradients: Apply pre-set color gradients, or create your own andapply them to text and objects in your photos for a layered colorscheme.

Installer Size: 92.3 MB

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