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123 Flash Banner v1.0.0.1 Crack


Software Description: 123 Flash Banner v1.0.0.1 Keygen Serial

123 Flash Banner is a Flash banner and introcreator. It can help you breeze through the creation of Flashbanner or intro in just several minutes. What you should do issimply to enter text, select font or animation effects and setbackground color and image, etc. The Flash banners or introscreated by 123 Flash Banner support multiple scenes. You can setbackground color and/or image for each scene separately, addmultiple paragraphs of text and set different font, style, positionand animation effects for each paragraph. When the design of thebanner or intro is complete, you can output it in the format ofAdobe Flash movie, GIF image or AVI video via the PublishWizard.

Here are some key features of “123 FlashBanner”:
– Easy to Use
You can create a Flash banner or intro simply by entering text,selecting font and animation effects and setting background colorand/or image. No Flash programming required at all!
– Full Customizable
For the Flash banners or intros generated by 123 Flash Banner, youcan fully customize the attributes of each scene and the wholemovie. These attributes include: the text content, font style, textposition, text animation effect, background color and backgroundimage of each scene, and the size, link address and backgroundmusic, etc. of the Flash banner.
– Multiple Output Formats
The banners and intros you designed by 123 Flash Banner can eitherbe output as Adobe Flash movies, or as GIF images or AVIvideos.
– Multiple Scenes
123 Flash Banner supports multiple scenes. A Flash banner or introcan include any number of scenes. You can set the background colorand/or image for each scene separately, add multiple paragraphs oftext and set different font, style, position and animation effectsfor each section of text.
Multiple Scenes
– Eye-Catching Animation Effects
More than 20 commonly used text animation effects are availablewith 123 Flash Banner. You can set different entrance and exitanimation effects for each text paragraph in a scene, and canfurther set its entrance time, exit time and playback speed.Besides, you can customize the internal attributes of the textanimation effects for different visual effects.
– Personalized Image and Sound
123 Flash Banner allows you to use your own image (BMP, JPEG, GIF,PNG) and sound effect (MP3) when customizing.
– Exactly Font for Every Visitor
123 Flash Banner embeds any non standard font into the Flash movieto ensure that your users will see the text animation exactly asyou designed it, even if they have not install the font. This meansyou can use any installed font when designing Flash banner orintro.
– Open Specified Web Page
A page you specify can be opened automatically when you left-clickon the Flash banner, or after the playback of the Flash movie iscomplete. You can also set different link address for each textparagraph in a scene. This option is useful in creating Flashbanners and intro pages.
– Multilanguage
Flash banner or intro generated by 123 Flash Banner supportsinternational characters, like French, German, Japanese, etc.
– Preloader
An optional preloader can be added to the final Flash banner orintro automatically.

Installer Size: 2.1 MB

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