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Wirecast Pro v8.3.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Wirecast Pro v8.3.0 x64 Crack Patch

Wirecast lets you capture an unlimited numberof input devices from live camera feeds, iOS cameras (coming soon),Wirecastcomputer desktop, Web feeds, and more. Then add polish andprofessionalism to your broadcast with live switching, transitions,titles, lower thirds, and more. And finally, use the built inmultiformat encoding capabilities and easily stream to integratedstreaming services and CDNs.

Wirecast Key Features:
– Live compositing with multiple layers
– Live switching
– Titles
– Lower thirds
– Transitions
– Chroma key
– Picture-In-Picture
– Mix Audio
– Audio delay (Pro)
– Replay (Pro)
– Create playlists
– Twitter feeds
– Animated 3D titles with
– Streaming services & CDNs
– (see a list of destination partners)
– Streaming servers
– Record to disc (ProRes, MJPEG)
– Virtual camera and microphone out
– External monitor output
– Program feed out through
– Blackmagic Design (Pro)
– Live encoding to multiple destinations concurrently directly fromTricaster

What’s New in Wirecast:
– GPU-accelerated encoding – Take advantage of powerful,cost-efficient hardware encoding capabilities for betterperformance. (Requires Intel QuickSync or nVidia NVENChardware).
– Lower CPU Usage – Wirecast uses less of your CPU overall than anyprevious version due to performance optimizations.
– Tools for monitoring – Graphic representations of System CPUusage, memory, framerate, bitrate, and RTMP Queue size help you seethe strength of your stream or diagnose problems.

Dynamic Editor
Resize, position, crop, flip rotate, add color correction filtersand more. Use Wirecast’s powerful graphic editing features tocompose picture-in-picture shots or layer up to 250 differentsources on screen at the same time!

Displays the statistics window for your broadcast. You can selectto display: Framerate, System CPU Usage, and System MemoryUsage.

Video Sync
Delay the video and/or audio of an incoming source to better sync.Save thousands of dollars on expensive hardware.

Global Hotkey Manager
With our new Global Hotkey Management System, you can now createyour own hotkeys for switching shots, Replay/ISO shot creation andmark-in points in Wirecast.

Audio Mixing
Our built-in audio mixer allows for better control over any audiosource. Mix-minus, panning, solo, mute and audio playout deviceselection are some of the powerful new audio features we’veadded.

ISO Recording (Proonly)
Create high-resolution recordings of your individual (isolated)cameras or audio sources. Isolate clean shots (no titling or lowerthirds) that can be used later for editing offline or for livereplay during an event. (Note: must have valid license to use thisfeature; this is a Pro feature only.)

New Ways to Configure Text
Add text to your broadcast from a variety of sources: typed intext, from a file, or from an RSS feed. Type in text and display itinstantaneously. Use file-based text monitoring to read data froman external .txt file. The RSS feed feature allows you to have arunning ticker built into your shots through the text widget.

Adjust the brightness, contrast, gamma, hue and saturation for allof your video and graphic sources.a

Installer Size: 266 MB

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