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Trillian v6.0 Build 61 Crack


Software Description: Trillian v6.0 Build 61 Crack

Trillian Astra is an instant messagingapplication with a twist: it allows you to use multiple accountsfor various IM services. In other words, it has the power to gatherall your friends from several messengers in a single interface.
This software imports all the contacts of your selected instantmessaging platform (Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger,Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Skype), but it can also directlyaccess social networks (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter,LinkedIn).

In addition, Trillian has borrowed most of the important featuresfrom other messengers that you like so much, and added new ones.You can open a new window and chat, or send a quick message to afriend who has just signed in.

Friends can be sorted in the list in various ways:alphabetically, by conversation history size, etc. There areseveral actions that can be performed during a conversation: youcan insert a screen capture (by clicking and dragging the mouse),flag text as important (i.e. yellow text with red highlights), orchange font to code style (which is especially useful if you’retrying to explain a programming language to someone).

There are tons of emoticons you can play with (smiley faces,objects and symbols), and some of them are compatible with bothYahoo and MSN Messenger. The chat history is better organized thanin typical instant messengers, because here you can actually selecta date from the calendar to access a conversation, as well as viewany images exchanged between you and your friends. What’s more, thechat history can be synced between your computer and your smartphone, so it’s at your disposal everywhere you go.

In conclusion, Trillian Astra is worth your while if you need an IMapplication that can deal with multiple accounts at a time. Thestreamlined interface, together with the intuitive feel you getwhen you get acquainted with it makes it a reliable choice.

Here are some key features of “Trillian”:
– Basic Messaging
– SecureIM
– Privacy Settings
– File Transfers
– Direct Connections
– Group Conferences
– Display Pictures
– Real-time Video Chat
– Video Filter Effects
– Image Capture
– Video Capture
– Emotiblips
– Picture In Picture
– Side By Side
– Full Screen Video
– Real-time Audio Chat
– Quick Access To Input And Output Controls
– Audio Muting
– Pause Live Video And Audio
– Rewind
– Fast Forward
– “Seek” Slider Bar
– Record Live Video And Audio Clips
– Capture Video Into Image Files
– Integrated Web Searching
– Instant Lookup
– Status Panel
– Notification Windows
– Add Extra Information To Contact Tooltip
– Rename Contacts
– Explorer Integration (Drag Files To Contacts)
– Icon View
– Meta Contacts
– Floating Contacts
– Panels
– Tabbed Chat Windows
– Emoticons
– Emotisounds
– Timestamping
– Transparent Windows
– Smart Tabs
– Basic Messaging
– File Transfers
– Display Pictures
– Audio Chat
– Video Chat
– iChat AV Compatible

Installer Size: 20 MB

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