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Postbox v6.0.2 Crack


Software Description: Postbox v6.0.2 Full Crack

Postbox will enable you to easily managemultiple mail accounts from the same interface. Postbox helps youmake the most of your email, offering powerful new ways to find,use, and view email messages and content, organize your work life,and get stuff done.

Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in youremail. We mean everything: every bit of text, every contact,address and link. Every picture, document and attachment. It’s allin the catalog and it’s all searchable.

Just click the Images tab to see a thumbnail gallery of everypicture from every message, or the Attachments tab to browsethrough documents, files and more. And since Postbox does all ofit’s cataloging on your own computer, the privacy andconfidentiality of your email information is preserved.

Here are some key features of “Postbox”:
Powerful Message Search:
– Postbox makes it easy to search for almost anything across all ofyour email accounts. Use the Search Panel to quickly search bymessage criteria, or for the power user, use search operators such”from:Mary” or “subject:vacation” directly within the search box.Postbox even understands search terms such as such as “after lastMonday” or “before June 2008.” And if you want to find a specificword or a phrase, there’s a Text Preview mode that helps you zeroin on exactly what you’re looking for.

Search Tabs:
– Use Postbox’s Search Tabs to instantly find attachments, images,links, and contacts – without having to dig through messages tofind what you need. The Action Bar at the bottom of each search tablet’s you do useful things from your searches, like create a newmessage from a document you’ve found.

Compose Sidebar:
– Get fast access to your email content when you need it most -writing messages. A handy Compose Sidebar let’s you findattachments, images, and links directly within a new messagewindow, which makes it easy to do things like resend projectdocuments or incriminating photos from the company party. No moresaving to the desktop, moving windows around, or other tediousactions that take up valuable time.

– Use the Compose Sidebar to find and share links to onlineresources in new email messages. Just select a content type, entera search term, and then drop what you’ve found into your message.Share links, places, and images (and much more coming soon),without switching to a browser, cutting and pasting content, andthe rest of that nonsense.

Inspector Pane:
– Postbox looks for interesting content within each message, thenhighlights what it finds in the Inspector Pane. It’s like adiscovery engine built right into email. And if you’re looking atan entire conversation, Postbox summarizes everything that that hasbeen shared so far – all in one place.

Contacts Panel:
– The inline Contacts Panel provides fast access to address bookdata and a palette of useful searches and actions. Use the ContactsPanel to send an email, dial a phone number, initiate an IM chat,or lookup an address. You can even search for recent messages,attachments, images, or links from any contact, anytime.

Simplified Folder Views:
– Postbox lets you slice and dice your account and folder views inways that reduce clutter and simplify your life. When you select anaccount, only the most relevant folders are displayed, which helpsto minimize distractions from activity in other accounts. And sincethe location of your common folders is always preserved, it makesswitching from one inbox to another a breeze.

Tabbed Mail Browsing:
– Like a Web browser, Postbox let’s you view your message contentin tabs – enabling you to create an efficient workspace foreverything you’re working on. Open almost anything in a tab,including messages, folders, searches, or content such asattachments and images. You can quickly switch between tabs, oreven reorder tabs to customize your view.

Conversation Views:
– Postbox enables you to view and process messages by conversation.Simply select a summary row in your message list to see a roll-upof all messages within a conversation.

Focus by Topics:
– Use Postbox to organize your messages by Topics. This allows youto focus your attention on one thing at a time, while minimizinginterruptions from new messages outside of your current topic. Atopic can be anything – a project, important client, an event, oreven priority.

– To view messages by Topic, just select from your favorites in theFolder Pane. It’s like creating a mini-Inbox for just the messagesyou want to work on. Combine Topics with Search Tabs to findattachments, images, links, or a list of contacts that relate tothe Topic in view.

Quick Tagging:
– Assigning a Topic is easy. Type in any word or select from a listof your favorites. Unlike folders (that force you to make decisionson where to file), you can assign as many topics to a messages asyou like. And here’s the best part – when you assign a topic to amessage, it gets applied to all other messages in the conversation,and all future message replies too.

– Want to keep a message around but don’t want to bother withfiling it? Just use Archive. One click and the message is moved outof your way and into a dedicated Archive folder. Don’t worry,you’ll still be able to find anything that you need by usingPostbox’s powerful search features.

– Have you ever wanted to edit an email, or add a note, just aseasily as using a word processor? With Postbox, you can work withmessages like you’ve always wanted. Use the Annotate function tochange the subject message, edit its content, or add notes. You caneven create a copy of your changes if you want to keep the originalmessage, and everything will be grouped and displayed together inone conversation.

– Postbox provides a simple and lightweight way to use emailmessages to manage and track To-Dos. Messages marked “To-Do” areconveniently pinned to the top of your message list, so importantwork items do not get pushed out of view.

– Easily create new To-Dos and add them directly to your Inbox – nomore emailing yourself notes! Use Postbox’s Annotate feature toupdate the status of To-Dos, or focus your To-Do list by Topic. Youcan even set the status of a message to Pending, which helps youkeep tabs on items that you’ve delegated.

Web Connectors:
– Postbox streamlines your workflow by connecting your emailcontent to the online services you use most. Whenever you see anattachment, image, link, address, or even text anywhere in Postbox,an online connection is just a click away. Click on an address toopen an online map, or a phone number to initiate a call on yourinternet phone application. To share content online, select somecontent and choose an online service. Web connections can be madefrom within a Search Tab, the Inspector Pane, or even within themessage body itself.

Integrated Web Search:
– Initiate a Web search by simply grabbing some message text anddropping it into the integrated Web Search Bar, or by typing anysearch term you like. Suggested search terms appear as you type,which speeds up your searches. A variety of different searchengines are provided, so you can do everything from looking up acontact on a social network to researching a product online.

Anti-Phishing and Malware Services:
– Postbox helps protect you from viruses, spyware, trojan horsesand more by checking URLs that are sent to you against a databaseof suspected phishing or malware sites. The database isautomatically updated every 30 minutes, and if a potentiallymalicious URL is identified, a warning message will be prominentlydisplayed.

Automatic Updates:
– Your security is important to us, so the Postbox application willkeep itself up-to-date with the latest security and performanceenhancements. The update process is automated, so you don’t have toworry about a thing.

Based on Mozilla Technology:
– Postbox is based on Mozilla technology, and as part of ourcontinuing commitment to keep you as secure as possible, we’llquickly incorporate Mozilla security updates as they becomeavailable.

Installer Size: 66.4 MB

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